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I’m Sarah Welch, a book editor working with independent authors, publishers, and corporate leaders to develop and perfect their stories, polishing them so they’ll move readers in all the right ways. I strive for a collaborative, uplifting process that leaves authors feeling empowered and confident in their abilities to write and publish compelling stories.

Preferred Genres

Nonfiction: Memoir, Sociology, Lifestyle, Business

Fiction: Young Adult, Realism, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance



From chapter-by-chapter coaching to final proofreads, I meet authors wherever they need me. Learn more about the ways we can work together.

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Your Experience

Since I set up shop in 2016, I’ve been privileged to help more than fifty authors tell their stories. I’ve worked with both self-published and traditionally published authors in genres ranging from memoir to mystery to YA fantasy to business. Read about a few of their experiences here.


everyone has a story to tell

Trust me, I know how vulnerable it feels to send your work out into the world! Whether you’re writing an intimate memoir, a fantasy novel, or a business guide, turning over your manuscript to a relative stranger is a big, scary step. That’s why I never want to be a stranger. I strive to foster real connections with each client, acting not only as editor but as friend, confidante, and counselor. After all, the purpose of storytelling is to build relationships and strengthen our ties to one another. So why not start here and now, with your work in progress?


My Story

Though my publishing experience spans nearly a decade, I started calling myself an independent book editor in 2016, when I spent early mornings, late nights, and many weekends building my business around my day job. Now, I feel so fortunate to spend my days in my home office, devoted fully to the work I love to do.