When you're in the early stages of drafting your book and you're looking for a little guidance, I offer monthly coaching to help you shape and refine 5,000 to 15,000 words per month. For authors who aren't ready to commit to word counts, I also offer hourly coaching and support packages.

Pricing: Packages are highly customized, and pricing varies. Contact me to discuss your needs.

Manuscript Critique

You’ve finished a first draft, and you’re looking for feedback to kick off the editing process. Or you’re halfway through and unsure of what’s working and where to go next. I offer high-level critiques for full or partial manuscripts in their early stages, assessing the structure, tone, and style of the story.

Pricing: Varied based on authors’ needs. 2-3 cents per word.


Whether you’re looking for deep structural edits, help with style and voice, or just the grammar polish that makes your manuscript shine, I offer comprehensive editorial services for in-progress manuscripts. Not sure what you need? Contact me, and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Pricing: Varied based on authors’ needs. 2-5 cents per word


Publishing Consultation

The publishing industry is constantly evolving and can be tricky to navigate. I bring my wide-ranging experience in literary agency, independent press, and mid-sized publishing to the table, helping new and veteran authors identify the right moves in traditional or self publishing. This includes query letter and synopsis support, nonfiction book proposal drafting and editing, and consultation on the twists and turns of the market. 

Pricing: $70-$100 hour

Content Marketing

Drawing on my experience in content marketing for publishing houses, individual authors, and startups, I can craft compelling blog and e-book content and recommend distribution strategies to support your individual or organizational marketing efforts.

Pricing: $70-$100/hour