My Favorite Way to Read

One evening last week, I found myself in a rare situation: home by myself, with no to-do list. The laundry was done, dinner was cooked, and I was all caught up on work. So I did something I hadn’t done in ages: I shut down my computer, left my phone to charge in another room, and read for nearly two hours with no distractions — except the dog and cat’s occasional requests for affection.

For the first time in weeks (months?) I got to really immerse myself in a novel (an ARC of My Not So Perfect Lifeit was my first Sophie Kinsella and I highly recommend). I wasn’t distracted by thoughts of all the other things I should be doing, or fighting to keep my eyes open long enough to finish a chapter before bed. I was really in it. And when I put the book down, not only did I have that sense of accomplishment at having finished it, but I also felt truly relaxed and rejuvenated after my short break from reality.

So my promise to myself next week, when I’ve got some time off for the holidays, is to spend more time that way, with just my book and my animals. And maybe a mug of hot chocolate.

Here’s my to-be-read pile. It’s gotten tall, but I’m excited to make some progress.

What will you be reading over the holidays?