Literary Luminaries: Call for Submissions

One of the requests I've heard a handful of times is that I start featuring more interviews with industry professionals on my blog. And because of the subjective nature of storytelling, I fully agree that more heads are better than one. In math, someone else's opinions aren't going to change the way you approach the Pythagorean Theorem, but a new perspective on character development might just help you break open your story.

So, in an effort to invite and introduce new voices to my blog, I'm kicking off a new interview series inspired by Shelf Awareness's "Book Brahmin" column and Adam Szymkowicz's "1000 Playwright Interviews.

My series, "Literary Luminaries," will feature interviews with "Page Turners" (book-publishing professionals) and "Storytellers" (authors).

Do you fit into one of those categories? If so, I'd love to introduce you to my readers.

Page Turners