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Book Review: Riverkeep

The Fobisher men have been tending the river for generations, keeping it clear of ice and weeds and hauling corpses from its depths. As soon as Wulliam turns 16, he will become the new Riverkeep. But, just a few days before his birthday, Wull’s father is pulled underwater, and when he surfaces, he’s no longer himself. Wull sets out in search of the mysterious sea-dwelling creature that may hold the key to saving his father.

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Kids learn more “rare words” from books than from the adults around them

The other day, I came across a scholarly article called, “What Reading Does for the Mind.” It’s an oldie, originally published in 1998 in a journal from the American Federation of Teachers. It discusses kids’ unique sponginess, and the notion that most of the vocabulary we develop when we’re young comes from exposure in our environment, rather than through direct instruction. But it goes a step further, suggesting that written word has a much greater influence than spoken on kids’ developing lexicons.

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